Earn Points and Shop With Points!

Each time you make a purchase at our website, you will find "points" assigned in your account.

You will earn 5 points for every $1 spent.

You may redeem your points for goods right here in our store. So, you can buy your favorite coffee or tea and pay with points, or save them up for an extra special treat, like our gorgeous stainless steel canister. You can even use them for gift shopping and spread the cheer! It's just one more way to show you how much you mean to us. Mahalo!

3 Things You Need to Know...

1. In order to collect points, you need to be logged into your account.

We cannot assign points to orders placed via guest checkout. But - signing in is super easy. You can sign in by email or just click the "login with Facebook" button. If you had an account on our old cart, you'll need to recreate your login.

how to log in

2. Points will appear in your account as soon as your first order ships!

When you place an order, the points earned will not appear immediately. Don't worry -- as soon as your order ships - poof - points in your account!! Spend them anytime you want to! They'll be in your account waiting for you.

3. You can earn bonus points, too!

When you first create your login, you will earn 500 bonus points to say thanks and welcome! When you place your first order in our new cart, you'll earn more bonus points. And as soon as your first order in our new cart ships, all the bonus points will be available for you to use or spend!


During checkout, just open the "reward points" and choose whether to spend all or some of your points!

Please Note: Points are released for spending after you have placed one order in our new cart. After your first order, points earned on every order will be released as soon as your order ships!

how to redeem points