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    Pure Choices Original starts with our classic LION Original coffee. Then, we add KonaRed´┐Ż, which is a concentrated extract made from coffee cherries.

    Here's what you must know... you will taste the coffee cherries.

    Pure Choices Original & French Roast have a fruity, slightly sweet taste. That's the coffee cherries! Some people absolutely love it. Over the moon love the taste of coffee cherries. But... some do not.

    If you discover that you're not fond of the fruity-sweet taste of coffee cherries, you may prefer the Vanilla Macadamia or Coconut flavored. Why? Because the flavoring becomes more predominant than the taste of the coffee cherries.

    No matter which Pure Choices Coffee you prefer, ALL Pure Choices coffees provide a very powerful antioxidant boost. Double the daily USDA recommended amount of antioxidants. Now that's putting the roar in a cup of LION Coffee.

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    Favorite staple coffee

    This coffee never gets old for me. I enjoy each new pot as much as the last. I understand some folks do not like this flavor, but I haven't heard anything less than RAVES from guests.