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Ten ounce bag of Lion Gold Light Roast International Blend whole bean Coffee. Red bag with classic lion logo.
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Lion Coffee

Lion Gold Light Roast International Blend Coffee

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LION Gold Coffee is a classic light roast coffee and makes a great breakfast coffee. Which is another way of saying there's some real caffeine kick in this bag and you might not want to drink it before bed. This LION Coffee brew is bright in the cup, with a mellow taste and sweet delicate and slightly citrus finish.

8 Reviews

  • Timely Shipping

    Posted by Chinoazkid on Jun 25th 2017

    The products arrive within 5 days of shipping and shipping occurs the same day as the order or maybe the day after. Shipping prices are a bit high as the products are Hawaiian produced and they ship from there. Sign up for their specials and you can make up part of the shipping price.

  • Smooth!!

    Posted by Elaine on Aug 27th 2016

    Lion Gold is my absolute favorite coffee ever!! It is a smooth flavorful mellow roast, and the blend has been consistant over the years. Was introduced to it by locals in the early 1990's when visiting some friends who moved to Hawaii from Florida. It is very difficult for me to drink other brands now. Also, just love the new 24oz size. Two cups every morning, and I am set for the day!! Thanks Lion!!


    Posted by Caroline F. Byrd-Tumminia on Jul 31st 2016

    I have a great friend that blessed me with this and it is great:). The last time i had this was back in 2008. And it is just as great now as it was back then. I truly thank you and your company for being true the they way you started years ago. Please be very blessed.

  • Hooked!

    Posted by Lionfan on Apr 29th 2016

    First tasted this excellent coffee on a trip to Hawaii. Didn't know about the web site, so I would search out people going to the Islands so they could bring some back for me. Robust flavor without the bitterness, my favorite regular coffee.

  • My Favorite Everyday Coffee

    Posted by David C on Dec 11th 2015

    Back in the 1990's I was invited on an all-expense-paid trip to the Big Island with a company. One of the people I met there who also won an invitation told me about Lion Gold and said it was her favorite coffee. So I just had to try it at that point. I bought two large bags and brought them back to the mainland with me. No doubt, she was right. I've been buying this coffee ever since and it is my everyday "go-to" coffee.

  • We LOVE this stuff!

    Posted by Moto on Jan 22nd 2015

    Smooth and delightful, I blend 2 to 1 Lion Gold to one of the Starbuck blends....Holy Cr@@ our absolute favorite cup of joe evah!

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