Hawaiian Islands Tea

Our premium quality tea leaves are blended with exotic tropical fruit and natural fruit flavors inspired by the Aloha Islands to create fragrant and flavorful black, green and herbal tea.
Since 1995, Hawaiian Islands Tea has been on a mission to produce the world’s most flavorful tropical teas. We blend, flavor and package our tea here, in Hawaii.
black tea


Our Tropical Black teabags start with premium hand-picked Camellia Sinensis leaves, rolled and processed into a superior black tea. The result is a quality tea with unique flavor and smooth taste that blends remarkably well with exotic tropical fruits to create our fragrant and flavorful teas.

green tea


Our green teabags start with premium hand-picked Camellia Sinensis leaves, carefully blended into a superior green tea with delightful flavor, smooth taste and less caffeine than black tea. Green tea is lighter in color and flavor than black tea, and higher in antioxidants.

herbal tea


A tropical flavored Rooibos that’s offered as a complimentary treat in some of Hawaii’s finest hotels. It’s pure African Rooibos tea leaves, enhanced with all natural coconut and macadamia flavoring for a flavorful and satisfying tropical treat. Rich in antioxidants and 100% caffeine free.

Our Tropical Tea