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Flavored Coffee

If you've ever visited or even dreamt of visiting Hawaii, you're probably familiar with the delicious flavors that the Islands have to offer. Fresh, creamy coconut, buttery macadamia nuts, rich decadent chocolates and so much more. We didn't invent the flavors of Hawaii, but we pride ourselves in how we've incorporated them into our already exquisite coffee. Try our island-inspired flavored coffee and wake up every morning in paradise!


Coconut Flavored Coffee

Our Coconut flavored coffees are a consistent top seller, and with good reason. The aroma is pure Hawaii. Is there anything that whispers Aloha more than coconut palms swaying in the breeze? And the taste? Rich, tropical coconut. Dessert in your cup, without the calories. Truly a taste of Hawaii. Aloha!

Posted by Janene on Mar 24th 2024

I have been ordering this for years. It is an amazing brew that tastes like a vacation in a cup.

Vanilla Flavored Coffee

A fan favorite, our vanilla coffee is one of our most beloved and bestselling coffee flavors, and with good reason. Because our coffee beans are lightly roasted, it allows the vanilla flavor to shine through. Subtle, yet rich in flavor, this is a smooth mouth-watering coffee you won’t be able to resist.

Posted by Susan Shelb on Feb 26th 2024

LOVE this coffee!! Tried it on our honeymoon in Hawaii and it's now the only coffee we will drink!!.

Chocolate Flavored Coffee

If it’s chocolate you crave, our chocolate flavored coffees are blended with the perfect roast to create a sensational cup of coffee that will satisfy your chocolate cravings. Try oour Chocolate Macadamia, a medium roast coffee enhanced with dark, semi-sweet chocolate and our favorite island nut.

Posted by Benny on Mar 8th 2024

Very good coffee either as coffee or used to make frozen coffee drinks.

More Flavored Coffee

More of the delicious flavors the Islands have to offer. Decadent nutty macadamia coffee, sweet buttery Kaka'ako Caramel coffee, rich hazelnut and our limited edition flavors that are available seasonally. Try our island-inspired flavored coffee and wake up every morning to a cup of paradise!

Posted by Swallace on Mar 15th 2024

Your coffee was like going back to the islands.

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