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Original Lion Coffee is noted for its subtle sweet taste and flawless smooth finish. This original coffee blend is created from hand selected coffee beans from specific growing regions. Original Lion Coffee blend has satisfied our customers and friends since 1864. Over the years, they come back to this coffee again and again. It's over a century of coffee roasting experience in your cup!

Half-ounce coffee filter packs are ideal for smaller 4-cup flat-bottom basket brewers. The coffee is light & bright in the cup with a mellow taste. Sweet delicate finish with slight citrus notes. Packets are ready to use in flat-bottom basket coffee machines.

Each pack makes 4 cups. Auto Drip Grind.

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10 Reviews

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    Lion Gold Roast

    Published by Greg Lugn on Apr 25th 2021

    Excellent, mild, smooth coffee. Perfect for making a cup as you're getting ready to leave for work. So quick & easy. Lion is now the only brand of coffee I buy. I spent a year looking for a coffee I liked better & never found one.

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    Lion Gold Roast 4 cup Coffee Packs

    Published by Mrs. Black on Mar 6th 2021

    My comments are EXACTLY the same as the first comment I made anonymously on June 10, 2014. My husband loves the taste and convenience. We've been buying this coffee for years. Great stuff according to him.

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    Lion Gold Coffee 4-Cup Pot Filter Packs

    Published by Marta Baca on Jan 24th 2020

    These are great my husband has a pot in our bedroom and gets up every morning and brews a pack. I've set it up for monthly deliveries so I don't have to think about ordering when he runs out. He loves Lion coffee, and it's a luxury not to have to measure the coffee. Thanks for the monthly subscription service!

  • 5
    Best coffee hands down!

    Published by Brian Reeves on Dec 27th 2019

    This coffee is my absolute favorite! I always buy extra to share with friends and coworkers. I usually drink my coffee with cream and sugar but this coffee is so smooth that I enjoy drinking it black! I can't say this with any other coffee brand. I've been working nights for years and these coffee packs are a HUGE staple of my diet. The one thing I look forward to at work is drinking my Lion Gold coffee!

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    Lion Coffee Original Filter Packs

    Published by MaryEllen Holland on Jan 1st 2018

    We honeymooned in Hawaii in 1974. We enjoyed the coffee so much that we started ordering it for our everyday cup of Joe. It has been many years and we still receive our Box of Coffee every month. These filter packs make a great pot of coffee every time, are convenient, and let us keep a little bit of Hawaii with us. Mahalo Hawaii Coffee Company.

  • 5
    Amazing coffee

    Published by Jesse on Dec 24th 2017

    Brought these back from a trip to Hawaii I had and my family loves it, so since then any other coffee just doesn't taste the same. Just recently bought 100 packs for Christmas for them. 5 out of 5 stars!

  • 5

    Published by Mike Chiodetti on Aug 20th 2017

    The small packs I got worked out well! We pour a cup after its finished brewing and, WOW! It has a nice strong taste that continues for several seconds afterwards! Makes you want to drink more! Good stuff!

  • 5
    Coffee filters produce a good cup of coffee.

    Published by Richard Weisberg on Jun 11th 2017

    Compared to the typical four cup filters found in hotel room coffee bars, the product that Lion's offers is substantially superior. The coffee is fresh and has a rich, clean flavor.

  • 5
    Great Taste and exceptionally convenient

    Published by Richard on Oct 4th 2014

    Wife and I bought this for an extended trip, we enjoy the Original Blend at home and wanted to bring our coffee with us. These packs are great to travel with and exceptionally convenient while away from home.
    Coffee taste was delightful. We both enjoyed the the coffee so much we may just have to change our preference from Original blend to Gold Blend.
    One down side, the package does not indicate this filter pack is for a 4 cup automatic coffee maker. Not a problem for the person who ordered the coffee and knew the information. The other person had to guess. I can tell you if you use 2 packs, stacked on top of one another in the auto-drip coffee machine, it will make a right tasty cup of coffee in a 12 cup machine.

  • 5
    So Easy My Husband Uses Them

    Published by Anon on Jun 10th 2014

    I don't drink coffee. My husband won a 4 cup coffee pot like the kind you see in hotel rooms. The filter packs are perfect for this pot and the amount of coffee he drinks. He's always thought it was special that I made his coffee even though I don't drink it. We tried several brands of filter packs but as soon as he tried the LION Coffee he said it was the best and I stopped trying other brands. Using the filter packs is so easy he often now prepares his own coffee the night before. Great tasting and convenient...according to him.

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